Tacos: Soyrizo Con Garbanzo

IMG_2203Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to get better at cooking (or because I like to jot down maniacal ramblings) I keep a notebook in my kitchen. I’m constantly jotting down ideas and recipe notes – it helps me juggle a lot of of the recipes that I’m working on. Plus! I can organize all the nuttiness that goes on in my brain..

And, I’ll be honest with you, not all recipes need some big to-do. A lot of the time, the food that I make doesn’t need that much of a recipe, if at all. A lot of the comida that makes it’s way in my tummy just sort of comes together on the quick in between episodes of @midnight and Broad City. BC

So today’s recipe is just that: Something was made, notes were jotted down and said food was eaten. Chances are my clothes were stained and I wouldn’t doubt if I cried tears of joy. I do that sometimes.

And, as an aside, I would show you a picture of the corresponding notebook page but it might look like one of those composition books from the movie Seven. Sorry Detective Somerset but there’s too much stuff to go through here.

Tacos: Soyrizo Con Garbanzo

12 oz of Soyrizo (casing removed and broken up) or 1 1/2 cup Temprizo.
1 1/2 Cup Cooked Chickpeas (if using canned – rinse thoroughly!)
1/4 Cup Onion (Diced -small)
1 tsp of nutritional yeast
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 (heap) tsp of ketchup
1/4 cup of vegetable broth (or water)

1 TBS Canola Oil
Tortillas (My Recipe Here – or store-bought, just double up)
Guacamole (My Recipe Here)
Simple Slaw (Recipe to Follow)
1. Heat Oil over medium high heat in a large saute pan add onions and chickpeas and saute until tender (about 5 minutes)
2. Remove Soyrizo from casing, break up and add to your chickpea / onion mixture.
7. Cook for a few minutes; you’ll want your soyrizo to brown a bit.
8. Add your ketchup, nutritional yeast, garlic powder and vegetable broth. Stir to incorporate.
9. Lower heat to medium and allow most of the liquid to cook off – Salt to taste.
10. Serve with tortillas, guacamole and slaw

Simple Slaw
1 (heap) cup Shredded (Purple or White or combination of the two) cabbage
2 TBS Grated Carrots
2 tsp Vegenaise
1 tsp Fresh Lime Juice
1 (heap) tsp nutritional yeast
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste.
1. In a medium bowl add your cabbage, cover in lemon juice, vegenaise and nutritional yeast.
2. Using a spoon or fork lightly toss all of the ingredients to incorporate evenly.
3. Salt & Pepper to taste.

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