Vegicano Blog Update

photo (47)Greetings and Salutations from the Vegicano Test Kitchen.

All apologies for the dearth of recipes as of late but I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other (hopefully) fruitful new ventures. My quasi-superstitious disposition doesn’t allow me to reveal too much but I can assure you that my time has been well spent.


Those that know me (or, err – follow my Instagram) know that I have a deep appreciation for LOVE ME some Vegenaise. And, well, frankly – sometimes love makes you do crazy things.

So, after years of collection, I’m close to putting the finishing touches on my Vegenaise fanzine. What does this mean exactly? Not much in the grand scheme of things. I mean, other than creating another avenue to share recipes – WHICH I’m all about!

BUT! Rest assured the blog is STILL going strong!

PS: Just want to say thank you for visiting my blog, for trying the recipes and (of course) for all the feedback and support it has garnered. I appreciate it more than you could ever know. Gracias.

16 responses to “Vegicano Blog Update

  1. I must thank Amey for enlightening many of us, in her recent blog post, as to the existence of Vegicano. I am already in love with your recipes and look forward to more. Muchisimas gracias. PS: You are great with words (i.e. a good writer), as well. Hasta la proxima!

  2. I just discovered your blog thanks to my friend Amey at Vegan Eats and Treats and I wholeheartedly approve of this Vegenaise tribute! I loooove it and always bring a huge jar home with me from the US. I can’t wait to get a copy of the zine.

  3. so rad!! zines are the BEST. I’m doing a zine workshop at Vida Vegan Con this year – we’re going to make a zine together. I can’t wait to see your creation. 🙂

  4. I’ve been following (stalking) your blog for a while. I love me some Vegenaise too, and I’m interested in buying your zine when ready. Me encantan tus recetas! Gracias por todo el trabajo y esfuerzo.

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  6. This is a wonderfully put together blog! Do you have restaurant recommendations for great vegan places around NYC?

    • Thank you Andrew! As for great vegan places around NYC… NYC has lots of great options to satisfy whatever type / style you’re into. My personal faves are Blossom (They have a few sit-downs, some to go places and a bakery), Peace food Cafe, Quintessence (for Raw food), Buddha Bodai for Chinese and DF Mavens for Vegan Ice Cream. Terri is a pretty good to-go spot as well. If you lemme’ know what you’re looking for I can get you going in the right direction. Cheers.

      • Wow– great list! My friend took me to Terri a couple years ago and really enjoyed that but haven’t been to the others. I’ll add them to my to-do list. Thank you!

        Keep up the great work here.

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