Vegicano Blog Update!

photo (18) Do you know what the hardest part about doing a blog is? The dishes. Seriously. Since the start of this blog I have not only used and cleaned and used and cleaned every dish in my apartment but I’ve bought more stuff to use and clean – I’ve also bought stuff to help clean what I’ve used. It’s So Meta you don’t even know bro.woahCooking is the only hobby that requires as much cleaning as it does y’know actual cooking. Mis en plas? More like Mi Es Tired. (Bad Kitchen Joke) KWObviously I’m only half-joking – The real burner is the recipe testing. I have to make a dish and remake a dish a few times (carefully noting any changes or upgrades) before I would dare post it on the blog. I didn’t realize how much effort goes into it. And as much as I enjoy the food I make I don’t wanna eat it three to four days in a row. What am in some future-world? STGSo please bear with me if you don’t mind and could be so kind! I’ve got some recipes coming down the pike that are going to change the game on vegan Mexican food. And yes. I’m given to grandiose statements – but I believe in what I’m doing and I’m working hard over here. I’m like that lady Donna summer sang about except I’m male, broke and I don’t wait tables. I just clean them. Ha! (Full circle joke!) GJOGranted, I don’t know *who* is reading this blog other than random (but appreciated) people from all over the world. (When I say it like that – it sounds cool as all get out – and it is!) But I hope those that somehow found their way here will visit the blog on occasion because I’m hoping to have plenty more deliciousness in the not too distant future. SnoopI’m always cooking though! Experimenting with ingredients and dishes like a mad vegan-food scientist with less wacky hair. Call me coffee bean because I’m on that grind! (I’m so hip!) So. If you want to see what I’m up to; what I’m working on then follow me on the Instagram. (I’ve decided to call it the Instagram because I’m edgy while simultaneously being out of touch).

Shoutout to all the bloggers trying to juggle life, work and dirty dishes. Woot Woot!


4 responses to “Vegicano Blog Update!

  1. Hey Vegicano! we love cooking too and not so much cleaning. lets do a collaboration. we’d love to get you some seitan for a future post.
    Monk’s Meats

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