Las Recetas: A Word Or Two On Recipes

photo (7)

Pues, call me the Gap Band because I’m about to drop a bomb on youThere is nothing TRADITIONAL about the food that will be featured on Vegicano. While the essence will come from AUTHENTIC sources very few recipes will be “traditional” – they can’t be.

The food of my youth; the flavors I grew up around and the recipes I was privy to were not kind to vegans. And, while substitutions can be made and things can be switched out and you can use this for that, there isn’t getting around some things. Can I make my nana’s beans? Not a chance. The woman used lard like a painter uses acrylics. Her comida was legendary and she did things in the kitchen that my primos talk about like coffee snobs debate coffee. 

With that said, am I trying to replicate the flavors of Mexico? Trying would be the key word in that last sentence but YES I AM! But, I’m also a realist. If I can approximate the flavor, distill the essence and stay true to the cuisine and customs (while being like totally vegan) then my friends I have done what I have set out to do!


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