Torta De Tempeh; Basic Tempeh Torta

photo 1 (5)If you’ve followed my blog (or, errr, my instagram) at all, you’d know that I eat a lot of Tempeh. I’ve been known to stock up on racks of it when it goes on sale – like I’m preparing for some sort of Soyapocalypse. (Insert Slow Clap – HA!)


I can see Tempeh getting a bad wrap as being ‘one note‘ but I think it’s quite versatile – its many forms and incarnations can be quite delicious (and varied!) I find myself thinking of new and exciting ways to use it. Not only because it’s tasty but because I always have a bunch on hand – see above – Ha! (I slay me!)


More than any dish though, I think Tempeh has the the perfect texture for sandwiches – especially if you’ve got other (varied) textures playing against it. It has both a good ‘bite’ and holds up really well, so pairing it with ingredients like tomatoes and avocados is a win-win. Add in some good (soft) vegan bread and you have yourself a sandwich that’s good enough to make ya dance. You better werk!


This recipe is mad basic; It’s probably the first tempeh marinade I tested and played around with. It’s old school like low riders bumpin’ Zapp & Roger. Cheeeow!


Okay. So.

To call this a torta is, well, sort of cheating. It’s not technically a torta. It’s a sandwich. A torta has a little more Mexican Flava (Usually beans too). But a torta is a sandwich and this blog is about Vegan Mexican Food. So. It works.

You know what’s crazy? I find that with every recipe I post, I must add some sort of caveat or disclaimer. It’s how I roll. I’m Insucurrrrr.

The important thing is that its good – I probably eat this sandwich more times than I care to admit. It’s high time I throw down a recipe for it. You can use this marinade for many things, in fact, I might steal this very own marinade recipe and use it future posts. How’s that for Vegan Inception?

photo 2 (6)Torta de Tempeh; Basic Tempeh Torta
Makes 2 Tortas

8 oz of Tempeh
2 Bolillos or Portuguese Rolls (or any bread you like really)
Tomatoes, Sliced and lightly salted.
Ripe Avocado – Sliced
Greens of your choice! (I like a nice crisp lettuce)
2 TBS of vegenaise (or yknow more)

1 tsp oil

Tempeh Marinade:
2 TBS of Water
2 TBS of Agave Nectar
1 TBS Soy Sauce
1 (heap) tsp of Nutritional Yeast
1 tsp of ketchup
1 tsp canola oil
1/4 tsp liquid smoke (or a splash of apple cider vinegar)
pinch paprika
pinch cumin
pinch black pepper

1. First things first. Blanch your tempeh according to the directions found HERE
2. Cool your tempeh.

How to Slice your Tempeh:

Cut evenly down the middle of the block of tempeh; its basically going to go from a long rectangle to two squares. From there, using a sharp knife (and y’know being mad careful) slice down through the middle – to create two flat pieces. You should end up with 4 thin(ner) squares.

3. Place your tempeh in a flat rimmed dish (preferably glass) and cover in marinade, making sure that each part of the tempeh slice touch the marinade.
4. Marinade for at least 1 hour or up to over night. Turn tempeh a few times here and there.
5. Heat your oil in a large flat frying pan over medium high heat; place your tempeh down flat and cook a few minutes per side. You’ll want a little char – but be careful not to burn. 
6. While your tempeh is nearing the end of cooking – when you’ve achieved a nice color & char – pour remaining marinade and 1 TBS of water – lower heat to medium and cook until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Serve on sliced (toasted) rolls, with a little vegenaise, lightly salted tomato, avocado and greens.

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