Burrito De Desayuno #1; Breakfast Burrito

photo (25)The other day I spoke at length about the mighty burrito; if you read it, then you know I’m passionate about them – so I’ll spare you any ramblings here. Instead I’ll jump straight into today’s recipe.

Now, when it comes to burritos, if I had to pick a favorite it would undoubtedly be the breakfast burrito. You see I love breakfast – and I love it at all times of the day.


While some people may fawn over things like pancakes and waffles (which are delicious, yes) I head straight for the savory. I’ll take a basket of crispy french fries over a cupcake any day – but that’s just me.

TFTo me, breakfast burrito is just a classification – not – an indication of when you should eat it. I’ll eat a breakfast burrito first thing in the morning as much as I would at night – probably more so at night. I’m all about that breakfast for dinner!

OfficeI don’t think there is a definitive breakfast burrito – the beauty is that any burrito can be eaten for breakfast so it’s sort of a misnomer – with that said, if we’re talking just straight ‘breakfast foods’ as fillings, then the options are a plenty. In fact, that’s why this is post is entitled Breakfast Burrito #1 as I’m certain there are many to follow.

So, this here is my favorite breakfast burrito!

Now, lemme pause a minute and say this. I’m sort of cheating with this recipe. I’m essentially sending you to different recipes (pages) where I’ve made each component before (on this blog).

It’s 3 of my favorite things in one burritos.

Below are the components and the corresponding links. From there, you grab yourself a (preferably large) flour tortilla – and roll it up.

It has three (filling) ingredients:

Tofuevos (Tofu Scramble)photo 2 (5)

Temprizo (or store bought Soyrizo):photo 1 (4)
Guacamole:photo 3 (2)

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